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About Metagenom Bio Agriculture

About Metagenom Bio Agriculture

We are a Microbiome Company

We are a diverse group of people with a passion for a new vision of food production - 21st Century Farming. We believe that the convergence of two aspects of food production, data and microbiome, is the key to sustainable production of food that is fresh, safe, nutritious and tasty to the growing population in all corners of this planet.

Fresh food

Using the microbiome to reduce plant stress can help produce to remain fresher, longer.

Tasty food

Locally grown food tends to retain its flavour profile better than food that is shipped from far away.

Safe food

Optimization of the microbiome helps the farmer to reduce or eliminate the use of chemical pesticides.

Sustainably grown food

Hydroponic food production uses much less water and land than field production.

Nutritious food

Eating more fresh produce is good for your health!

Many hear the word “microbiome” and immediately think of its importance to human health. We hear “microbiome” and think of environmental sustainability, healthy soils, more productive agriculture, and cleaner resource extraction. Our mission is to open the microbial “black box” in any environment through Envirogenomics, and make the microbiome healthier.

In the past two decades, microbiologists have been learning how to use DNA sequencing coupled with bioinformatics to understand microbiomes. At Metagenom Bio Agriculture, we put this into practice by specializing in the detailed analysis of microbiomes that are associated with environmental or agricultural systems, using a proprietary approach called Metagenom-1©. We then use that information to improve the operation of those systems. As a research based company, we seek to provide solutions based on microbiome design.

We can help the microbes do your dirty work.