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Our Methodology

The Future of Good Food is Now

We take controlled environment agriculture to the next level by optimizing the crop microbiome for 21st Century Farming.

Our mission is to improve farming practices with solutions that help farmers increase their yield, improve efficiencies and prevent losses. Using our platform we aim to enable our partners in providing safer, healthier, tastier and sustainable food for our ever growing population.

Good for Earth, Good for Farms, Good for People

The Microbiome in Mind advantage

Controlled environment agriculture in hydroponic greenhouses and indoor farms is transforming our food systems, producing more food using less land. By controlling and optimizing the growing conditions, tremendous efficiency gains are achieved compared to field agriculture. This is the science of good food production in the 21st century. Despite these benefits, the microbiome is one aspect of controlled environment agriculture that has been ignored until now. Our mission is to change that, by providing the microbiome tools to the farmer.

Replace pesticides and fertilizers with microbiome science

Many years of scientific study tell us that all plants contain and interact with a large diversity of microbes. Some of these microbes are disease-causing pathogens, while others are beneficial organisms that help plants grow, cope with environmental stress, and fend off pathogens and pests. A healthy microbiome leads to healthy and productive plants. Understanding what’s happening in the microbiome can help prevent costly disease outbreaks, increase plant yields, and save time and money by determining best times to add fertilizers and other treatments, thus reducing chemical inputs.

Use the science of gene sequences, machine learning, microbial inoculants

Our Microbiome in Mind approach reveals the nature of the microbiome, and provides the tools for ensuring optimal performance. Powerful gene sequence and machine learning technology is used to monitor the microbiome to know what microbes are present, what they are doing and interacting with each other and with the crop plant, and how they are responding to and impacting growing conditions. Our scientifically validated microbial inoculant products are used to improve the microbiome, reducing stress and disease while increasing product quality and yield.

Perform R&D for continued improvement of microbiome services and products

As a science-based company, we have robust R&D pipelines for both the expansion of our inoculant product portfolio, and improving the speed and predictive power of our monitoring services. We continue to decode the genetic language of the crop microbiome to gain better insight into what is happening within the crop plant. This helps 21st century farmers to make the best decisions based on the superior information that we provide.