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Microbiome Services for Agriculture

All plants contain and interact with a large diversity of microbes. Some of these microbes are disease-causing pathogens, while others are beneficial organisms that help plants grow, cope with environmental stress, and fend off pathogens and pests. A healthy microbiome leads to healthy and productive plants. Understanding what’s happening in the microbiome can help prevent costly disease outbreaks, increase plant yields, and save time and money by determining best times to add fertilizers and treatments.

At Metagenom Bio, we offer DNA sequence-based services, under the View-Φ-nder label, to monitor the microbiome in plants, greenhouses, growth chambers and fields. All that is needed is a few grams of nutrient solution or soil, and we will perform the appropriate View-Φ-nder analysis to uncover which microbes are present, in what proportion, and what they could be doing in your production system.

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