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The plant microbiome is essential for good plant health. Beneficial microorganisms living in or on plants help regulate hormones, the stress response, and plant growth. By introducing particular organisms, with favorable characteristics, plant growth and food yield can be increased. Metagenom Bio Inc. offers a line of inoculant products, based on scientifically validated mechanisms, that are effective at increasing crop vigour and health, and inhibiting pathogens.

Metagenom Bio Agriculture Products

En-Stim contains a naturally occurring plant-growth promoting bacteria that lives symbiotically inside the plant roots. It reduces the negative effects of the plant stress response, through regulating plant hormones. It also produces plant hormones that promote growth. The end result is plants that are generally healthier and larger. Lab and trial studies show increases in yield from 10%-25% over untreated plants. En-Stim has been tested on leafy greens in the brassica family (Bok Choy, cabbage, arugula), as well as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

En-Guard contains a naturally occurring bacterial strain that promotes plant growth and controls several kinds of harmful pathogens (Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium oxysporum) that grow on or near plant roots and cause stem and root rot, which are major diseases that reduce yield and quality. It exerts its effect in several ways, including production of plant growth factors, such as cytokinin, which could help the plant to limit fungal damage, production of antibiotics, which act directly on the pathogens, siderophores that bind iron that the pathogens need for growth and reproduction, and outcompeting the pathogens for space and other resources.

The Plant Microbiome

  1. Just like the human microbiome is crucial for human health, the plant microbiome is essential for plant health

  2. Some microbes live in symbiosis with plants, either on or in the plant, and some of these provide beneficial functions (signal molecules, growth regulation, biocontrol)

  3. Genomics provides a window into the microbial community

  4. Hydroponic systems facilitate distribution of waterborne pathogenic fungi and bacteria to be distributed throughout the facility to cause disease

  5. On the positive side, self-contained hydroponic systems allow unprecedented control of microbiome compared to soil-based systems

  6. We aim to keep the microbiome in a healthy state, resulting in more vigorous plant growth and less disease

Why should you use inoculant products?

Why should you use inoculant products?

the microbiome

Promote plant growth
and resistance to stress

Protect from

Increase yield

Reduce time to harvest

Improve product quality

chemical pesticides